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We use the concept is: to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first.

To apply for a phone : 0757-81160205 contact: Miss Gong

Solemn statement
1. please candidates through the above contact associated with the company, please contact view;
2. the company does not charge" fee" and any other costs, please remember;
3. the company had not commissioned any individual or unit to perform recruitment, not deceived;

Position: The domestic business
1. male or female, college degree or above, marketing or business professional;
2. has the good market development ability;
3. thinking, expression ability, good at communication;
4. machinery sales experience more than 5 years, with industry sales experience is preferred.

Position: Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
1. male, university degree or above, majored in mechanical design;
2. skilled use of CAD, CAXA, SolidWorks design software;
3. the work of practical, careful, strong sense of responsibility;
4. there is a strong independent design ability, bear the project design, guidance, coordination, tissue engineers completed a large design project;
5, familiar with the design principle, use of materials and heat treatment table; system thinking ability, to have a good understanding of automatic control.

Position: Production Manager
1. male, college degree or above, major in mechanical;
2. familiar with the workshop management, have a good site management experience;
3. competent, responsible, practical ability;
4. has the strong organization and the coordinated ability, has the team cooperation spirit.

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