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       Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Search and application of new materials without innovation and new technology just likes humans without soul.In view of this,Dachuan requires that all their staffs,from leader group to firstline mark-eting staff,not only must be experts in the field of food and machinery,but also forward-looking experts.Moreover,Dachuan has cooperated with a lot of domestic universities to apply latest products and technologies to Dachuan machinery.It is continuously great input in the area of high technology and innovation that Dachuan develops new products continuously,which can providing the solution of from vertical and pillow packaging machine,dual frequency,double-servo fullline automatic packaging to intelligent and full automatic packaging.
       We are expert at our ling since we know our goods well in Dachuan!


       Art is an attitude that originates from life and is superior to life.Treating packaging as art is an attitude that pursues higher quality.
       Because of the attitude,Dachuan has formulated strict quality testing standards from design to processing,from assembly to testing.We treat making equipments as doing works of art.
       Because of the attitude,Dachuan is aiming at the intemational market and attracting high level talents when others stand on the market gain and loss.So as provides better products and solutions for the future market and far-sighted clients.
       The higher quality,the more value.


       The moment he entered the company,Each Dachuan employees is informed of Dachuan's corporate mission.That is "offer
high quality service,first-class equipments that can replace manpower and improve efficiency,Heartily serving our customers,
shareholders and staffs in pursuit of success".This is the motion to expand our business,as well as the basic reason to attract talents and to gain the market.
       In Dchuan,drips can be a small stream while unity is strength.With sincere hospitality and high quality service,we make
friends all over the world;with repaying shareholders and increasing investment,we achieve sustainable and environmental development;with gathering elites and providing platform,we are earnest to accomplish important task together.Possessing the same goal,living harmony and cooperating with clients,shareholders,staffs,devoting to packaging,affecting Dachuan,we develop etemal friendship.
       Drips can be a small stream while unity is strength!

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