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DJ-22 full automatic egg rolls production line

  After introducing and digesting japanese technology,our companycreated the Dachuan DJ-22.It can fully imitate the action of human,producing egg roll product automatically and continuously.It is an ideal alternative to traditional hand-made process.
    The production line consists of four parts,namely,automatic gaouting,baking gas,mechanical rolling and transmission of finished products,which is full automatic.With less noise and pollutionfree,the device uses liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as fuel while its selection of food hygiene stan dards,in order to better protect environment and safe energy.Meanwhile,this production line is of high degree of automation,making it simple and convenient operation.Taking the continuous production,stable process and high yield into consideration,it is easy to ensure the uniformity shape,color consistency,pure and delicious taste of each egg roll.

■ Specifications:Machine size:5600(L)×1540(W)×2400(H)mm
■ Gas consumption:liquefied petroleum gas:8Kg/hour
                   natural gas:10m3/hour
■ Production rate:1300-1500 pcs/hour
■ Machine weight about 2000kg
■ Power:200V-50/60HZ-1KW
■ Compressed air:0.2m3/min=0.5Mpa
■ Mould quantity:22 pieces
■ Egg roll size:diameter 20-28mm,length:130-180mm

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