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DZ-8R Seaweed?roll?machine

Unit composition
1、Feeding mechanism   2、Template baking mechanism   3、Inverted feeding mechanism   4、Rolling mechanism

The main performance and structural characteristics
1、The seaweed roll is sent into the baking mold through the double servo positioning feeding system which can accurately position and has a simple structure;
2、High-precision cam splitter is applied to the turntable where the baking mold is installed to ensure stable operation;
3、Specially designed flipping and clamping mechanism, the station transfer is fast and flexible;
4、Precision rolled laver roll mechanism to ensure the stability of the rolling system;
5、Continuous production, stable process, high yield, clean integration;
6、The new shape design, closed working space, and more convenient operation;
7、Temperature independent PID control;
8、All intelligent control systems are efficient and stable.

Scope of application
1、Suitable for rolled materials after baking such as seaweed tablets

Technical specifications

Type DZ-8R
Heating power 2.4KWx8=19.2KW(380V)
Transmission power 1.9KW
Compressed air 0.2m3/min;≥0.6Mpa
Mould quantity 8 pieces
Production 1800pcs/hour
Laver size Length:195 mm   Width :105 mm
Power (R、S、T、N)380V±10%,50/60Hz
Machine size (L)2555×(W)1950×(H)1590mm
Machine weight About 1200Kg
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