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DRB-770 Continuous Band Series

■ The machine is ideal for sealing small packages, which adopts constant temperature control system and stepless speed regulation mechanism. It can seal plastic films made DRBom various materials continuously. Embossing wheel and counting device are optional.
■ DRB-770 series are available in three models: horizontal model (DRB-770I), vertical model (DRB-770II) and console model (DRB-770III).
■ DRB bag feeding from the right side,DR bag feeding from the left side.


Type DRB-770I DRB-770II DRB-770III
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Motor power 50W
Sealing Power 300×2W
Sealing Speed 0-12 (0-16)m/min
Sealing Width 10mm
Temperature Range 0-300℃
Printing Type Steel wheel for embossing printing (optional)
Distance FRBom Sealing Center to Conveyor Table 20-40mm 150-270mm 20-40mm
Distance FRBom Base Plate To Interior Conveyor 60-120mm - 60-120mm
Conveyor Table Size 840×153mm
Max. Conveyor Loading for Single Package ≤1
Overall Conveyor Loading ≤3
External Dimensions (L)884×(W)375×(H)320mm (L)884×(W)390×(H)450mm (L)884×(W)550×(H)800mm
Net Weight 23 Kg 28 Kg 29 Kg
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