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DXJ-5050Q、5050ZQ Carton Sealer/Auotmatic Folding Sealing  Machine

■ Used in circumstance where carton size is changed frequently at lower speed or where carton size is not changed frequently at highest speed medium.
■ Automatic adjustments to obtain required widths and heights.


Type DXJ-5050Q DXJ-5050ZQ
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60 AC 220/50
Air Compressor 0.5-0.6 Mpa
Max. Carton Size (L)600×(W)500×(H) 500mm (L)600×(W)500×H) 500mm
Min. Carton Size (L)250×(W)200×(H) 120mm (L)250×(W)150×(H) 180mm
Speed 20 m/min 22 m/min
Adhesive Tape Materials BOPP,PVC(adhesive tape),(water-free adhesive tape)
Height of Table 580-780mm 600-750mm
Width of Adhesive Tape 48 60 76(選配)
External Dimensions (L)1970×(W)780×(H) 1280-1460mm (L)2300×(W)1100×(H) 1700-1855mm
Net Weight 160Kg 480Kg
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