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Combination balance with Multi Computer

■ Combining the hi-precision and hi-rate can vote in the best compounding from the abundant weight compounding by computerizing.Hi-rate di gital sensor can gage in a short time.
■ Operation system of LCD with Chinese-English.
■ All the parts adopt the stainless with clean and sanitation by the design of waterproof and dustproof.Design of complete airproof can prevent the material stacking and ease to clean.
■ To adjust slightly the rate of the hopper door to avoid crashing and blocking the material.
■ Seif-diagnosis function.
■ To fix directly above the packing machine and the structure is more close with better compatibility.
■ To save a lot of raw material and the cost of labour force and get the return quickly.

■ All kinds of grain material,sheet material,strip material and abnormity material which such as candy,melon seeds,chips,peanut,nutlet,preserved fruit,jelly,biscuit,confect,camphorball,currant,almond,chocolate,filbert,compet foodstuff,dilatant foodstuff,hardware and plastic can be weighed by the ration.

Type JW-A10 JW-A14 JW-A14 JW-A20
Measure number 10 14 14 20
Unit quantify range 10~1000g 10~1500g 10~2000g 10~2000g
Quantify precision ±0.2~2g ±0.2~2g ±0.2~2g ±0.2~2g
Quantify rate 65包/分 120包/分 120包/分 2×65包/分
Quantify capacity 1600ml 1600ml 2500ml 1600ml
Hopper form Single door Single door Double door Single door
Predesign pattern 100 kinds
Control element 7 LCD Displayer

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